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17TAPE3M5960 3M 4950 19mm x 33m VHB DOUBLE SIDED TAPE $POA roll
17TAPE3M5970 3M 4950 25mm x 33m VHB DOUBLE SIDED TAPE $POA roll
17TAPE3M5980 3M 4991 25.4mm x 33mm GREY VHB DOUBLE SIDED TAPE $POA roll
17TAPE3M5984 3M 5480 25mm x 33m TEFLON TAPE $POA roll
17TAPE3M5990 3M 6384 12mm x 4.6mm FOAM TAPE $POA roll
17TAPE3M5994 3M 6893 RED 19mm x 66m UPVC TAPE $POA roll
17TAPE3M5996 3M 6893 RED 25mm x 66m UPVC TAPE $POA roll
17TAPE3M8000 3M MF48 1220 x 55m MASKER $POA roll
17TAPE3M8100 3M MF99 2515x27m MASKER $POA roll
17TAPE3M8200 3M MF144 3657mmx18m MASKER $POA roll
17TAPE3M9000 3M PTD 2020-72 P/TAPE DROP $POA roll
17TAPEDAN1000 24mm x 55m ALUMINIUM FOIL TAPE 425 $POA roll
17TAPEDAN1200 48mm x 55m ALUMINIUM FOIL TAPE 872 $POA roll
17TAPEDAN2000 48mm x 20m SILVER DUCT TAPE 640 GAFFER $POA roll
17TAPEDAN2100 #110 ECO 48mm x 30m ECO PE TAP $POA roll
17TAPEHOB1000 INSULATION TAPE 19mm x 20m $POA roll
17TAPENOR8000 24mm x 50m 223 HI TEMP MASK $POA roll
17TAPENOR8010 48mm x 50m ALI FOIL TAPE $POA roll
17TAPETAP2000 550/13 SEAL/JOIN 48mm x 30m $POA roll
17TAPETAP3000 0720 D/SIDED TAPE 36mm x 25m $POA roll

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