Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd Terms Of Sale

All prices are nett, exclusive of GST. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

All normal freight prices will apply. Freight will be conditional to product, quantity and distance.

Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd's liability for faulty or wrongly supplied items is limited to replacement of the goods or reimbursement of the invoiced value of the goods. In all cases, this liability will not exceed the manufacturer's warranty and Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd will not accept claims for labour or consequential damages. All goods supplied are covered by such warranty as is specified by the manufacturer and supplied subject to the product standards detailed by the manufacturer and shall apply to the sale of goods. Manufacturer's warranty is null and void when the product has been tampered with, when repairs or attempted repairs have been made by unauthorised persons or where the item has been subject to misuse, abuse, accident or general wear and tear.

Undelivered And Damaged Goods
All claims for undelivered or damaged goods should be made within 48 hours of receipt of goods. Full invoice or packing slip will be required.

Return Of Goods
Products specially purchased, manufactured, machined or cut to size are not returnable. In all cases, full invoice or packing slip details will be required.

Risk And Title
The risk in the goods supplied by Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd to the purchaser shall pass to the purchaser upon delivery, but ownership in them shall not pass to the purchaser until the purchaser has paid for same and discharged all indebtedness to Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd whatsoever. Receipt by Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd of any cheque or other bill or exchange or any promissory note shall not be deemed to be payment or conditional payment until the same has been honoured cleared and until such time not prejudice or affect Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd's rights, powers or remedies against the purchaser and/or the goods. If the purchaser fails to pay for the goods on the date due, or commits any act of bankruptcy or if any resolution or petition to wind up the purchaser's business should be passed, Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd may recover possession of the goods at any time from the purchaser. For that purpose, Zirco Abrasive Products Ltd, its servants or agents may enter upon any land or building upon which the goods are situated.